Wangan Midnight MAXIMUM TUNE 5 Original Sound Track 2CD
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Wangan Midnight MAXIMUM TUNE 5 Original Sound Track 2CD

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First 5 orders will be delivred with a card autographed by Yuzo Koshiro! Officially licensed Original Soundtracks from 5 / 5DX / 5DX PLUS of Wangan Midnight MAXIMUM TUNE series. This is the first original soundtrack album of Wangan Midnight series in 2 years and 8months. Original compositions by "the prince of the video game world", Yuzo Koshiro. Cover visual features urbanized and speedy image of Fair Lady Z (S30) (Nissan) aka "the Devil Z" Booklet includes track-by-track liner-notes by Yuzo Koshiro himself (in Japanese). [TRACKLIST] Disc1. 01. Entry Maxi5 02. Mode Select Maxi5 03. Daystar 04. Avatar of Speed 05. Give Up or Keep Trying Maxi5 06. Tonight 07. Inorganic Soul 08. Dispatcher 09. Lightning Dance 10. Fallen Angel Disc2. 01. Entry Maxi5 DX 02. Fascination 03. Let it shine 04. Risky guy 05 .The race is on 06. Entry Maxi5 DX Plus 07. Drive Me Crazy 08. Still Alive 09. I Will Follow You 10. High-speed Monster